Chapter One: Divine Betrayal



We had the name of the album even before we had agreed upon the name of the band, which means that every song we composed was in the idea of the album.
We tried to make it into a unified idea, a compact album where every element is tied together, offering an wider view upon the atrocities that men commitet and still do in the name of religion.

We had the honour of Richard Dawkins agreeing to appear on this album.

This album represents our work and passion for three years and also the first chapter of our story.

Track List: 1. Quemadero 2. The Nameless 3. In The Sand 4. Pandaemonium 5. As Skies Turn Red 6. Gospel (of The Unbeliever) 7. Muttawwa 8. Consecrated Filth 9. The Bitter Pill 10. Fading 11. Sanity